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About Us

EcoBagzz, the eco-friendly kitchenware brand was founded by ocean loving local South Africans. With the rise of single-use plastics destroying the ecosystem the North Coast locals decided to offer products that will conserve the planet and all living organisms. It all started when we started taking note of the most found waste on beaches in South Africa and thought that it be beneficial to offer an eco-friendly alternative that can be of high enough quality – reusable, healthy and beneficial to both people and nature.

EcoBagzz is a simple eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic zip bags which get thrown away after one use. The 100% foodgrade silicone bags are BPA free can be used over and over again while proving to be highly effective in locking in food freshness for longer. We haven’t stopped there.. We offer a wide range of reusable kitchenware products for every storage occasion.

Our aim as beach lovers is to create awareness & eliminate harmful plastics from our oceans and environment. EcoBagzz is here to make you re-think your everyday behaviour and say no to single-use plastic. A better future for the next generation.

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